Our vision and mission are expressed through worship services, community activities and special events. We welcome all to join us in building a peaceful world and thriving inclusive community.

Judeo-Christian Roots

Religious services at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs are innovative and traditional. We have roots in Jewish and Christian traditions, so our services may resemble many liberal Protestant churches or synagogues. We sing hymns, meditate, and share time for reflection/prayer. There will be a sermon with a moral message.

The speaker on any given Sunday may offer insights from the Buddhist sages, from the feminist poets, from modern scientists, or from the humanist philosophers of ancient Greece. Jesus of Nazareth, the Torah or Quran may be quoted. You'll be asked to think about your own values and experiences.

Free to Explore

Services speak to the heart and mind. Behavior matters. Each person is free to pursue their own spiritual journey. No particular creed or religious ritual is required. We encourage care for self and others. We promote the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We are grateful and rejoice in opportunities to enjoy life and care for others.

Creativity is Celebrated

Our congregation welcomes musicians and other artists. Original paintings are on display. Join the choir by speaking with our music director or members of the choir. No auditions or solos required. You'll always have a reserved seat during the choir season and you'll find moments to sing, play, clap, and dance/move with a spirited crew.

A Comfortable Place

We don't have a dress code. Anything goes, from business casual to shorts, sandals, and floral shirts.

Together we make our church safe and accessible. Share any special needs and you will be accommodated, just speak with a greeter.