Rainbow Kids with UU Values

What happens on Sunday mornings?

Our children’s programming mirrors our worship services. It usually includes time for chalice lighting, story, sharing, an activity or two, and a chalice extinguishing. Using the chalice helps orient our children to the beginning and end of their time together. The story is often the same one used in our worship services, to give families the chance to share thoughts and reflections together.

As a small congregation, this program gives us the flexibility to support children whatever their age, development, and needs, while still teaching them core values and principles of Unitarian Universalism. It also lets us warmly welcome whoever joins us.

What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is one of a handful of names Unitarian Universalists use for Sunday School. It speaks to the ways we want to nurture our children and youth in their spiritual growth — encouraging them to question, to be curious, and to find and grow themselves in the love and care of this community.

Our program offers a place to learn about Unitarian Universalism ◦ An accepting place for all children: from all kinds of families, from all cultures, genders, and backgrounds ◦ A place to learn about ourselves and our world ◦ A place full of stories, connection, and laughter ◦ A place to make friends ◦ A place to be introduced to new ideas ◦ A place to learn about and practice covenant ◦ A place to play ◦ A place to get involved. ◦


Woman reading a children's book

world love icon of hands around a heartChildren are currently meeting outside both as a COVID measure as well as a preferred meeting space. We do have spaces in each of our buildings that can be used during inclement weather.

Jami Cruz is our staff member who implements our program, with the support of volunteer congregants, who are dedicated to the spiritual growth of our children, and in collaboration with Rev. Kristina.

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Social Justice
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Chalice Exercise
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