What we are involved in...

Many of our activities focus on the LGBTQIA+ community. Besides doing the work to renew our Welcome Status with the UUA, we focus on June’s Pride activities. We raise money, participate in decorating the UU float, and march in St. Pete’s Pride Parade. We support and/or participate in Gulf Port Pride, Pasco Pride Day, Trot for Trans, National March for Trans, PFLAG of Safety Harbor, and St. Pete’s Family Day.


Other major activities were getting over 100 Make Abortion Legal petitions signed for the 2024 ballot and getting the Right to Healthy and Clean Water petitions signed.


At UUCTS you can discover new possibilities and enjoy spiritual growth while working to create peace with justice.  Our style is ethical, upbeat, and inclusive with a constant emphasis on "deeds, not creeds."

"Everybody can be great because everybody can serve," said Martin Luther King, Jr.  Every year, our church joins with other religious organizations and with community groups to honor Dr. King and his message.  We march in Tarpon Springs and in Pasco County to encourage justice and community service.

Pride Ladies

Kids at Pride