Ukraine Refugee Assistance

Many are wondering what they can do to assist the Ukraine people. The following information is from a group of UU ministers who bonded with Unitarian Transylvanian colleagues on a pilgrimage in 2018. These are their suggestions on ways to help and make direct donations.

* Both Ukrainians and colleagues in Romania have recommended donating to Ukraine Caritas; North Americans can do so at this link (, and use the currency drop-down to choose US dollars.
* The UU Service Committee lifts up several trustworthy NGOs to whom we can lend our support – go to ( for links to helping organizations as well as UUSC’s human rights perspective on Russia’s invasion.
* Another way people can help is by giving to the Faithify campaign ( set up by the International Convocation of UU Women – it will provide immediate aid (transportation, shelter, food, supplies, counseling) to families fleeing war in Ukraine through the Hungarian Unitarian Church.Let us never forget the vulnerable people in any population who suffer most in war: the elderly, the infirm, children, the poor, those already marginalized, those who have trouble making their voices heard. People in Eastern Europe have for centuries been subject to wars made by others, as empires battle over their rich mountainous mineral resources and agricultural fertility.


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