The Inness Collection

Our church is proud to be the home of George Inness, Jr.'s paintings. Our collection spans paintings of old Florida to highly renowned works that hung in the Louvre for thirty years. The paintings show an artist's love of nature and spirituality. Visitors to our church noted how the famous “Inness greens” come to life in our sanctuary.

Viewings of the Inness Paintings Temporarily Suspended
Due to the Corona Virus, all inside activities at our church have been suspended indefinitely.  We’re sorry that we can’t provide an estimated date when activities will resume.  We appreciate your interest in the Inness Paintings and suggest that you continue to check with us periodically.  If you have any further questions please email Barbara Kotacka at  Thank you.

The paintings may be viewed by appointment only
(temporarily suspended)
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Inness, Jr. (1854-1926) was one of the America’s foremost figures and landscape painters and a respected philanthropist. He has been recognized as a great Florida artist for his depiction of the state’s unspoiled landscapes full of the flora and fauna of his time. He was the son of George Inness (1825- 1894), one of the most influential American artists of the nineteenth century.

On April 13, 2019, George Inness, Jr. was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame. “The Florida Artists Hall of Fame recognizes our state’s most distinguished artists and to be inducted is the highest honor bestowed on artists by the State of Florida,” said Secretary Laurel M. Lee. For the biography submitted for this honor, click HERE. Further information on the works of Inness, Jr. can be found HERE.

We hope you’ll visit and allow us to showcase the largest public collection of George Inness, Jr.'s paintings anywhere, along with his Florida Artists Hall of Fame trophy.

Donations are gratefully appreciated.  Your donations allow us to restore the100 year old paintings. Please click DONATE and select the Inness Paintings option.