(Updated Aug 3, 2021) Due to the rapidly increasing spread of COVID in our community, the Board of Trustees decided to further postpone the reopening of the church for Sunday services. The Board will continue to monitor the situation and readdress the decision in the coming weeks. Small groups currently meeting in person indoors on the church campus are asked to go back to meeting solely on zoom or outdoors. The church is now closed for in-person gatherings until further notice.
While this is difficult and disappointing, it is the responsible course of action to protect the well-being of our church community and those around us. Please reach out to any Board member with questions or email BOT@uutarpon.org.
Because so many of us are at high risk, we must continue to remain cautious as the virus continues to be present in the community around us. Realizing not all our members will be able to attend in person for health or other reasons, UUCTS will continue to provide options for remote attendance even after in-person meetings resume.
Our church is offering “mini services” recorded weekly and available for you to view on YouTube at your convenience. This is an opportunity each week to pause and reflect, find inspiration and listen to a thought-provoking message. We encourage you to watch as a family. Each Sunday features music by Bonnie Whitehurst and a brief sermonette from a UU minister or special guest speaker. Members from our congregation share greetings and a story for all ages. You can sing along to the hymns. It’s okay to belt it out – nobody can hear you!
Click here to see the archive of services available
Our church is using the ZOOM application to video conference, chat, and share critical information. We encourage everyone to get familiar with how to use ZOOM. You won’t need to pay any fees or even sign up for an account in order to participate in meetings. You can use any device that has access to the internet such as a smartphone, personal computer, or tablet. It is also possible to participate by phone only. Please send us a note if you need assistance setting-up zoom so that we can support you.