Our doors are closed but our arms are wide open!

We look forward to connecting you with our zoom groups! Some of the meaningful ways we connect with each other include Mindful Meditation, News & Views Discussions, Caring Circle, Story Telling, Sharing the Art in Our Lives, and many more.

Our church is using the ZOOM application to video conference, chat, and share critical information. We encourage everyone to get familiar with how to use ZOOM. Zoom is free and creating an account can support easier connections, however, it isn't required to sign up, and you won’t need to pay any fees in order to participate in meetings. You can use any device that has access to the internet such as a smartphone, personal computer, or tablet. It is also possible to participate by phone only. Barbara Kostreva is standing ready to provide assistance setting up the application on your device. Barbara’s phone: 864-650-5638 and email: silbitpro@gmail.com

To get started, we use the same meeting ID and password for all UUCTS hosted meetings unless otherwise designated. The weekly E-news contains upcoming activities and zoom connection details. Sending Zoom information through email helps prevent “Zoom Bombing”. Use the form below to connect with us directly and request help on getting connected.


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