From the Minister – October

We are rolling into October and the best news for many of us is that we are reopening! It's hard to believe that we're just about there -- and if you think it's taken too long a time, your help and support in making things happen is always welcome. This has been a huge effort by a handful of people to make sure we are as ready as we can be when doors open Sunday morning. Please be sure to give many thanks to Kathy Hopkins, Greg Rosasco, Tom Ahrens, Peter Grace, and Barbara Rosen for all their thought and work in this area, and to all the others who have also played a role. Charly and Jean Nelson and Judy Pickett have been preparing for ushering, greeting, and welcoming those who may find their way to us. This community is grateful.

I also want to say a specific thank you to the board for all their exceptional hard work this year. The current board is leaning into shared leadership practices, and there are occasionally bumps in the road, but they are also covering a lot of ground. Much gratitude to Pat Aldape, Dave Cutler, Judy Lucarelli, Jane Neal, Charly Nelson, and Diana Reif.

We've had a few people express interest in The Shared Pulpit, a workshop for learning to write sermons and creating worship services; if you're interested in still joining, please reach out to Barbara Rosen. We've had a lot of interest in Covenant Groups -- if we have a few more participants, we will have enough for three (3) groups!  Please contact Mark Hopkins if you're interested in joining.

Be expecting to see some new faces, if you've been around the congregation for a while but haven't been active on Zoom. We've welcomed a number of new members this year, many of whom are involved in different aspects of congregational life. Even having been away from the building and each other these last 18 months, the congregation continues to grow and blossom.

There's more, always more, but for now I will just say another "thank you" -- and I look forward to seeing you soon!

If you'd like to reach out:  You can reach me through email at or you can call me at 330-968-8692 or 727-279-5992 for local calls.

Covenant Groups are Forming for Fall 2021

Many of us are longing for connections with our church family. Covenant groups are an excellent opportunity to get to know each other while exploring our monthly spiritual themes. Here are two links from the UUA worth checking out:  Covenant Groups - What They Are and How They Work and Covenant Groups – A Gym for the Soul

Sign Up for a Covenant Group Fall 2021:

  • To participate in a Fall 2021 Covenant Group CLICK HERE.
  • Participants will receive more information once we finalize registration. A group facilitator will organize an initial meeting at a suitable time. At that meeting you’ll decide on a regular schedule, meeting roles, and create your covenant for all gatherings.

To reserve a spot or if you have any questions, please contact Mark Hopkins

In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude

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