From the Minister – November

Our theme for November is "Holding History," and I've been thinking about the wonder of this time of the year. Halloween and All Souls Day are two beloved holidays to me; Halloween was one of my grandmother's birthdays. As the temps have finally started cooling some, it feels like fall, even though it's much warmer here than it would be for me if I were with my family. I love how the weather is part of what makes this time feel magical, as the veil thins for us, and we can feel closer to our ancestors.

This month is also a loaded one for me -- there is Thanksgiving, of course, but also two-family birthdays and Veterans Day. My clinical chaplaincy training was all completed in a Veterans Administration hospital. I served our nation's veterans there for more than two years. Although my opinions about the military and its service are complicated, Veterans Day is a sacred day, a day set aside to acknowledge and honor the many who have died in service and those many who have returned home in body but not in spirit. Similarly, there's Trans Day of Remembrance, during which the memory of those who have died because of antitransgender violence will be honored.

What is the history you are holding now? What stories matter to you and that need to be told? Are there losses you are feeling particularly right now? We have all been through so much in the last almost two years -- as individuals and as a collective, and yet, we haven't had many opportunities to grieve or acknowledge these losses together. As we look forward to what we might be thankful for later this month, let's take some time to sift through and hold, with tenderness, the many things that are on our hearts. Perhaps we might find it is time to loosen our grips on some of them and tighten our grips on others.

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In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude

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