From the Minister – March

Minister's Monthly Message

Somehow we are entering March already. I've been enjoying getting to know what Florida living is like here -- so much different than what I am used to!

Church life is humming along, and I am so proud of you all for the work you're doing to support the continued and future growth of this congregation. Our new board is hard at work learning to work together and make it more collaborative and sustainable. A small team is working on our new church management software to improve communication, information tracking, and centralized information storage. Another team has come together to support managing Sundays. Jami, our childcare provider, is back from maternity leave and getting re-integrated into the work of caring for our children. And this is just a little bit of what's happening!

Our theme for this month is Courage. So I have a confession: not only are we co-creating this congregation and growing together, we are also supporting our larger faith. As a faith, money tends to move best and most through our congregations. This makes perfect sense; since they are very much the foundation of our faith (the UUA is, in fact, an association of congregations).

And this leaves a lot of people without access to the same resources -- most especially our folks who have marginalized and oppressed identities, especially those in non-parish settings. And during this pandemic, there are a lot more clergy and aspiring clergy who are unemployed, underemployed, and underrepresented.

Mindful of the resources that I have to offer as a parish minister, when I think about who to invite to lead worship, I prioritize these folks -- our Black, Indigenous, People of Color, queer/LGBTQ+, and/or disabled folks to be our worship leaders. How we share our resources, and whose voices we center and lift, matters in the work we are aspiring to do to build a Beloved Kin-dom here in this life -- and this is one way to make this dream a reality.

I'm grateful to be here with you, doing the work of building the world we dream about. Thank you for all the ways you courageously say, "Yes!"


Upcoming Sunday Services - The March Spiritual Theme is


  • Sunday, March 7: Beyssa Buil will be leading the worship service, "Where Courage Resides:” Courage is found in many places and sometimes we don’t realize that it is been there waiting to rise and support.
    • Bio: Beyssa Buil was born and raised in the "305" or commonly known as Miami, Florida. She had two parents who played with words and invented her name. She began writing poetry and developing a spiritual practice at the tender age of seven. This sparked her journey in studying philosophy, ethics, ritual, biofield science and healing. She is an endorsed Humanist Chaplain & Celebrant, Spiritual Director and Anti-Racism Coach & Writer. She is graduating from Meadville Lombard Theological with her Divinity degree this May. Some of her best meditations have come from repetitive notes on her typewriter.
  • Sunday, March 14: The Rev. Kristina Spaude will lead the service, "Courage to Connect:" Sometimes we find that people experience the world differently than we do. Having the courage to connect, to create a bridge, offers affirmation and care to others and enriches our own lives.
  • Sunday, March 21: “UUCTS Future: Who Decides?” Mark and Kathy Hopkins will kick off a dialogue to create a vision for our church.
  • Sunday, March 28: The Rev. Kristina Spaude will lead the service, "A Community of Courage:” One year later, we have lost more than half a million people to COVID in the US. As we reflect on this and the beginning of Passover, let's consider what it might be to be a community of care.

If you'd like to reach out: or 330-968-8692 (or 727-279-5992 for local calls).

In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude

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