From the Minister – March 2023

hands around hands holding newborn feet with word vulnerability

I have been looking forward to this month for a while since I saw that the spiritual theme would be vulnerability. While many would say it's a state, I would say that it's a practice and even a value. Vulnerability is about tenderness and letting one's truest self be witnessed, even held, by another.
Vulnerability is critical to healing; while we can heal ourselves, we heal differently and in vital ways in relationships. And this can only happen when we are vulnerable. Vulnerability is also about connecting. Trust and a sense of safety are important to be willing to be vulnerable, but so is having the strength to risk letting others into our worlds.
We practice vulnerability in conversations and in our relationships. One place to get to practice this is in our Covenant Groups. The people who have participated in these groups have found spiritual depth in a discussion that is made possible by being vulnerable with one another. This goes for when we share our stories, and our tendernesses, as well as when we invite one another back into conversation or relationship when we need to work something out. And when we acknowledge having made a mistake and in return, apologizing.
There is much going on this month. Both services that I will be leading are facilitated conversation-style, with Greg Rosasco and then Barbara Kostreva. We will be celebrating our historic marker with a dedication ceremony and tours of the Inness paintings on March 26. Other wonderful things are blooming -- not just the stunning azaleas! I hope to see you around soon!


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In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude (She/her)

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