From the Minister – June 2023

people jumping in water with delight

The spiritual theme for June is Delight. I always feel bad for our June themes, as they are ones I don't often get to spend as much time with. As I am rushing through all of the things that need to be done before our faith'sGeneral Assembly -- which for me basically marks the end of June -- I don't get to reflect as much as I do in other months.

I notice, along with this theme, something I have noticed many times before since moving to Florida. It is harder to choose hymns here than it was in NE Ohio -- some hymns refer to the turning of the seasons. Winter and Christmas hymns seem so odd in a place where there is no snow. Florida is so full of color year-round that its delight is in some ways less striking than it would be elsewhere.

Some other things that bring me delight -- the smell of chlorine, listening to the Pekin ducks at my apartment complex (they sound like they're laughing), the colors of the many flowers that bloom at different times, the turtles sunbathing, the taste of fresh strawberries (wow, they were amazing this year!), the feel of sand on my feet.

Our General Assembly begins on June 21 this year, and I will be working again as one of the GA Chaplain Co-Leads. They are trying some different things this year, including having prerecorded workshops available before GA begins, to lessen the overwhelm of the gathering. Brian Broome, author of Punch Me Up to the Gods, is a Featured Speaker hosted by the UUA Ministries and Faith Development's LGBTQ and Multicultural Program will offer a talk followed by a conversation with Rev. Michael Crumpler. (Broome grew up just northwest of where my teaching congregation is in Youngstown, OH).

May your June be filled with your own delights -- and may some of them include UUCTS.

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In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude (She/her)

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