From the Minister – June 2022

Our spiritual theme for June is Play.
I imagine that living in Florida for many of our retired members and friends that Play is something they feel more connected with than they may have earlier in their lives -- although I know that life is not all play for anyone.
It had been a long time since I'd had kittens when I adopted William. Even though I volunteer with a cat rescue, farm, and sanctuary (First Ladies Farm,, until you're living with them or around them all the time, it can be easy to forget how much they are. So playful and full of energy and often completely ridiculous, in all the best ways.
William is 9ish months old, as far as we can tell. A handsome tuxedo with amber eyes, he loves to play with hands and feet, roll around on his back for belly rubs, chase after balls, and roll himself into the inside of the cover on my couch. When I walk by him, he reaches to grab my feet, wanting me to come to the floor and play with him a bit.
Sometimes it's not convenient -- I'm in a meeting or something, but as often as I can, I do what he asks. I remember that he will not always be this way and to appreciate it while I can -- and that I will not always be this way and to appreciate it while I can.
I brought William home on my mother's parents' anniversary. Paisley had been named, coincidentally, after the town my grandma had been born in, and so when I was considering names, I wanted something connected to my family's story. William was my grandmother's father's name, and when this William is naughty, I call him by his full name, which includes family surnames as his middle names.
My grandma didn't have a close relationship with her father for a long time, but wanted her children to have a better relationship with him than she had had, and so didn't tell them about their history until they were into adulthood. I am reminded when I play with William on the floor, as he grabs my hands and feet, that it is important to find new ways to tell our stories and to break cycles of hurts. Play is a way to rest, celebrate, honor, and give thanks.
This month, may you all take opportunities to play and be renewed!
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In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude

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