From the Minister – July 2023

ministers message

As always, General Assembly was a lot of hard work, with the joy of being together and the challenges of being together. Because I was working it, I didn't get to enjoy all of the workshops and events, but the ones I was able to be present for were wonderful. I am looking forward to sharing some parts of it with you when I return! There's one workshop I'd love for you to see, and there's the time with author Brian Broome (whose memoir, Punch Me Up to the Gods, our Rainbow Welcome Circle has chosen as a common read), and this year's Berry Street lecture is a must-watch for those of us in Florida.

I will be off until the end of July. I am hoping to get in at least one week of study leave time during my time away. I will use some of that time to review additional GA materials as well as other reading and prep work. First, I'm looking forward to vacation time!

We have some wonderful worship leaders to share with you this summer -- Erin Powers will be returning in July, as will QuianaDenae Perkins, and you'll get to meet Djiné Johnson, Director of Religious Education and Communications at UU St Pete.

Please remember that I will not be contacting you while I'm off -- and certainly never to ask for monetary support or gift cards or any other odd requests for myself or anyone else. For pastoral concerns, please contact Barbara Rosen (, or you may contact the board ( or our administrator, Gayle (, as needed.

Otherwise, keep fighting the good fight and I look forward to connecting with you when I return!

If you'd like to reach out:  You can reach me through email at

In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude (She/her)

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