From the Minister – July 2022

Today, June 30, is the anniversary of my ordination. I am remembering and reflecting on the wild adventures the last four years have taken me through, and giving great thanks to be here with you all now. I am remembering all those who supported me getting to that place, and since then. And I am remembering all the difficulty I experienced getting there, and how I can continue to work to make that be less so (or not so) for others.
For July and August, we have no special spiritual themes -- instead offering time to play and celebrate whatever comes up for you. If you'd like to have something to reflect on, I'd invite you to reconsider one or more of our spiritual themes from this past year: embracing possibility, cultivating relationship, holding history, opening to joy, living with intention, widening the circle, renewing faith, awakening, nurturing beauty, and play.
For those of you who will be around this summer, I am excited about the worship leaders who will be with you and the services they're creating. I look forward to catching up on them later. I also look forward to being able to catch up on the many wonderful offerings from this year's General Assembly, which I was working last week as one of the Chaplain Co-Leads.
I know some of you have taken or will be taking breaks, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. While I will not be traveling, I am looking forward to some down time, and cross stitching. If we have the need, I'll also be doing some volunteering with the farm and rescue I support, First Ladies Farm and Sanctuary. And when I return, we'll explore what good trouble we'll share together this coming year!
If you'd like to reach out:  You can reach me through email at,

In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude


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