From the Minister – January 2022!

January is a funny month to me -- it's the beginning of the calendar year, a time of new beginnings, resolution or intention-setting, and the end of the Christmas season on January 6. At the same time, it's well into the church program year, school year, or any other time in our lives. January is a month that has perennially invited me to wonder about the arbitrariness of the marking of time.

For UUCTS, it is also the beginning of a new fiscal year and the adventures that come with that. Our annual meeting will be happening Sunday, January 30, following the worship service (and will be available for participating either in-person or online), and you will all have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process we are committed to as a faith, electing new officers, voting on the annual budget, and other elements that help make the church run. 
The theme for January is "Living with Intention." I have long thought of myself as an intentional person, but over the years, the meaning has changed and grown. It has always meant "thoughtful," and has also become "discerning," as well as "clearer about priorities." My developmental years shaped me into a people-pleaser. I said yes to what seemed like every good opportunity, and probably some that weren't as good. It has taken years, and learning to listen to my body, to know that not all yeses are created equal or good for me. 
What intentions do you have for the coming year? For yourself? Your family? UUCTS? Other parts of your lives? I have no reason to believe now that COVID is going anywhere, so how will we live with this new, shape-shifting part of our lives going forward? 
I continue to look forward to wondering through these and other questions and answers with you.

If you'd like to reach out:  You can reach me through email at or you can call me at 330-968-8692 or 727-279-5992 for local calls.

In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude

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