From the Minister – February 2023

Love with blocks and a heart

For the last two years, we have chosen not to choose our own themes, but to use those selected by Soul Matters ( In general, I enjoy this. The themes sometimes push me in ways I would not have explored otherwise, and the overlapping of themes with holidays can help draw out new understandings or appreciations.

February's theme is what I have been thinking to myself as the very uninspired Love. But, as happens every month, as we get closer, I begin to play with ideas in my mind to make it more interesting. What if...? What about...?

In January, the Article II Commission, charged with drafting a revision of Article II of the UUA bylaws, which contains our Principles and Sources, has offered a new vision of Unitarian Universalism, one that seems fit for who we are, grounded in who we have been, but guiding us boldly forward to the horizon. You can find the full report here, with the proposed revision of Article II on pages 19-22. At the center of the Commission's understanding of our faith is Love, the value held most in common by surveyed UUs.

This month's worship services will aspire to keep some of the playfulness we experienced in January in content. I've asked Greg to collaborate on another question-and-answer style service with me, which we will share on February 26. My thought was to riff on Cornel West's words, "Justice is what love looks like in public," but I have left the topic ultimately to him to choose.

Ten years ago this month, we removed my grandmother from life-sustaining measures (one week after she and my grandfather had managed their 70-year anniversary). She was so proud that I was on the way to becoming a minister, and a Unitarian Universalist one at that. Not a day goes by that I am not aware that her spirit lives on in me.

Let's see what more Love has in store for us this month together!

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In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude (She/her)

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