From the Minister – December 2023

Mystery with dandelion seeds

Welcome back, for those returning!
Welcome in, for those seeking!
Welcome to all!

Our spiritual theme for December is Mystery.

I feel like every month I find myself thinking about how I love the month -- the last quarter of the year is both a lot and really wonderful to me. December included, although I confess I appreciate it a bit more living where I don't have to experience the snow that goes along with it back home. They keep using that 4-letter s word and I do not miss dealing with it!

December has layers of emotional intensity and memories for me. There are a number of holidays, of course. When I was young, my mom would turn on Christmas music loud it seemed like all December long -- which I thought was great. Decorations would go up, along with the tree and ornaments, and our little house just felt like Christmas was right there with us.

We also have some family birthdays thrown into the month, and as I've gotten older, they have been joined by dates that family have passed. As we approach the Winter Solstice and the longest night of the year, I remember each one under the cover of quiet and darkness.

The spiritual theme we'll be reflecting on together this month is Mystery. (Another thing I look forward to is whatever theme is designated for December -- I have loved them all!). Mystery in a spiritual and religious context for me is a little different than a science context -- I think of mystery as an appreciation for what we do not, and sometimes cannot, know or understand. There can be something deeply beautiful and vital to our humanity in that.

Please note that this year Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, so we'll only be celebrating once -- during the 10:30 am service. The plan is to make it multigenerational, so all are welcome!

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In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude (She/her)

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