From the Minister – April 2024

Welcome back, for those returning!
Welcome in, for those seeking!
Welcome to all!

Back in the late spring of 2020 I had the opportunity to preach somewhere and felt called to a service I titled, "Isolation and Interdependence." In it I spoke about the ways our lives had been upended by the pandemic and compared that dramatic and immediate change to the Passover story. I reminded people that in what felt like our isolation, we were prioritizing our interdependence in the most meaningful way. The plagues were too near to my experience as a hospital chaplain to dwell on, but the marking of the doors (how the Israelites were known as a people, following guidelines to stay safe) and the wandering in the desert (that liberation is not the end of the journey, and what it means when we come together) resonated.

We are four years out from that time, and so much has changed while so much hasn't. In many ways, we have gone back to the way we lived before the pandemic, hectic work and school schedules, among other ways, and I sometimes wonder if and what we learned during those long months when no testing was available, no vaccines available.

The spiritual theme we'll be reflecting on for April is Interdependence. The proposed revision of Article 2 of the UUA's bylaws reads about Interdependence: "We honor the interdependent web of all existence. With reverence for the great web of life and with humility, we acknowledge our place in it. We covenant to protect Earth and all beings from exploitation. We will create and nurture sustainable relationships of care and respect, mutuality and justice. We will work to repair harm and damaged relationships." (

The proposed new values invite us into deeper relationship with each other, the world, and That Which is Greater than We are (the sacred) by reminding us not only of what's important to us but by asking us to keep our relationships central to our practices. This includes holding one another accountable as we all strive to live into our covenants. It also means making amends and reparations when we can.

While I think there's much to look forward to in worship this month, I'm excited that we'll be having the first (at least in some time!) Music Sunday service on April 28. Bonnie is organizing it and will be asking for your thoughts about how music connects us to share during the service that day!

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In faith and service, Rev. Kristina Spaude (She/her)

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