Florida UU Clergy speak up!

Open Letter to Gov. DeSantis

We are proud to see our Rev. Kristina Spaude’s signature is one of nineteen Florida clergy who sent an open letter to Gov. DeSantis to end religious persecution.  Dated May 1, 2023 the first paragraph reads:

Dear Governor DeSantis,

Our Unitarian Universalist faith has a long history of justice seeking in this country.  Its influence can be found in our nation's founding documents, in President Lincoln’s speeches, and in every civil rights movement in this nation.  We as a people of faith are proud of this country’s aspiration to be that beacon city on a hill. It is what makes this country different from many other countries where freedom to be who we are is criminalized.  It is the diversity of its people that makes the potential of this nation great.

Click below to read the full letter and see how many of the ministers’ names you recognize.