We ask for a change of mind and heart.
Hurricane season begins in June  and it continues until the end of November. Extreme weather can be a problem. In every season, we work with our neighbors to create healthy, resilient, and sustainable communities. The church calendar has information about events during the hot weather months.
All species breathe the same air. We need to respect the laws of ecology. In an era of climate change and global pollution, a better way of living is needed, and it will begin with changes in human consciousness and human behavior. This isn’t a task for one religion or church by itself. People of faith can celebrate their interdependence.
“Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve,” is a bit of wisdom that appears on our Sunday order of celebration. Same message in every season.
Neighbors can care for each other. The Beloved Community is possible. In the  Beloved Community, the different groups in the world  respect diversity and all people are asked to become reconcilers, justice-makers, and healers.