“The Whole Church, the Whole Time”

by Rev. Robert Francis Murphy


Only an act of God or Congress will stop our congregation.

We’ll return to our church on Grand Boulevard by the end of May and we’ll begin religious services.   If Congress objects, we’ll make our protest known in Washington. If objections are received from some Higher Power, your prayers and good efforts will be requested. In any event, we’ll be home before the start of June.

If necessary, we’ll have a gathering at the church offices or in the church parking lot.

Several important events are scheduled for the days ahead.

Wednesday, MAY 15:  A musical fundraiser to help with church construction costs is scheduled for the Irish Kelly’s restaurant. Please join us for an evening of entertainment organized by Peter Grace.    A $5 donation per person is suggested. The event will begin at 5pm and it will continue until 8pm.    Irish Kelly’s is located at 734 South Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs. Peter Grace has additional information about the May 15th program. Telephone:  727-939-6442,

Saturday MAY 18:  The Sweet Corn Festival returns to Spring Bayou. This is a community event sponsored by the Mount Herman Baptist Church. Our congregation works with the Mount Herman Baptist Church in support of Martin Luther King Day celebrations and other cultural activities. For May 18th, volunteers from our church will manage an environmental justice exhibit. We’ll have information about environmental concerns in Pasco County and in Pinellas County.

The Sweet Corn Festival will start at 10am and it will continue until 6pm. The event will happen at Spring Bayou. If you can help with the environmental exhibit, please let me know. At noon, we’ll pause for the annual Hands Across the Sands gathering. We’ll remember the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Florida residents continue to defend coastal areas.

We need to return to our historic home on Grand Boulevard. Spring Bayou, the Safford House, and our church buildings are at the cultural heart of Tarpon Springs. As one of our church officers has said, “The whole church is needed, for the whole community.” Your support is needed and it will be very much appreciated.