January means snow and ice for much of North America. Here in Florida there are lots of pleasant possibilities. The list for January includes the following events. Bring neighbors and friends. Our church is a community church that welcomes newcomers.

o NEW YEARS DAY: From New Orleans to Key West, there are many krewes. A krewe is a marching and merriment society. In recent years, the Krewe de Palms has appeared for our beach parties on January 1st. You’re invited to join us. If you miss the New Year’s Day excitement, don’t worry. The Krewe de Palms will lead part of the celebration when our sanctuary is rededicated in 2019. For additional information about the Krewe de Palms, come to a meeting of the Worship Committee or join our hospitality team.

o GEORGE INNESS BIRTHDAY: George Inness, Jr. was born on January 5, 1854. George and his family donated the Inness artwork that will be on display at our sanctuary during the new year. After the Sunday service on January 6th, there will be a forum discussion about our congregation and its involvement with painting, poetry, music, the other arts, which is a key component of our Mission Statement (and can be seen of the last page of this newsletter.) Please join us for this important discussion. For more information about the Inness paintings, please contact Barbara Kotacka, Chair of Inness Committee at 727-237-8114 or

o BREAKFAST INVITATION – You’re invited to breakfast. Please join us!
Tarpon Springs will have a Martin Luther King breakfast on Saturday, January 19th. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs has been involved in Martin Luther King activities for several years. The breakfast will be free. Churches that participate in community programs are invited to the celebration.

This Martin Luther King breakfast takes place at the Methodist Church in Tarpon Springs. The event will begin at 8am, and is located at 501 East Tarpon Ave. After the breakfast, there will be an opportunity to march in the town’s annual parade for Martin Luther King Day. Let me know if you’re interested in these events or similar events for Pasco County. My contact info is:
Rev. Robert Francis “Bob” Murphy, at 727- 942-7316 or

Best wishes to everybody for a happy and successful New Year in 2019,

– Rev. Bob Murphy, Minister