Here Comes the Sun

by Rev. Robert Francis Murphy

Good news, brothers and sisters.

The August 21st eclipse is very near. Scientists have announced the times. For the Tarpon Springs area, the excitement will take place during the afternoon. The solar eclipse will start at 1:17pm. It will be at its height at 2:49pm. The event will end at 4:14pm. Check local newspapers for additional information.

It won’t be a total eclipse, for Florida. Still, it will be a spiritual experience. Talk with your neighbors. Do something special. All is well in the heavens. What more is needed in the natural world? We spend much of our lives worrying about small matters. Individuals argue about trivial concerns in religion, politics, and sports. A few days ago, I was invited to a barbecue. When I arrived, two cooks were engaged in a pointless discussion.

“Is a hot dog on a bun a sandwich?”

The saints and angels groan when they hear such questions.

One answer is as good as another. Don’t get lost in the nonsense.

Go outside for a few minutes and experience the eclipse for yourself. Find a quiet place outside, if that’s possible. If you want to pray, or meditate, or reflect, that’s appropriate. Tai chi and yoga will be nice. No special creed or formula required or suggested.

If you’re fortunate, you may be with young people who have never seen anything so dramatic in the sky.

You may be with older people who have memories to share. If it’s possible, ask your companions to be quiet at the height of the eclipse. Focus attention on the experience that individuals share in the present moment. When the sunshine returns, people can share their stories.

Where will I go during the eclipse? What will I be doing?

I’ve been asked to assist with a wedding during the eclipse. Imagine what it will be like.

“You’ll have a great story for your grandchildren,” was my message for the young couple. The world will change and, for a few minutes, even the birds and the animals will be excited. The laws of physics will be reaffirmed. Mystics and scientists will rejoice.

Solar power will return. We’ll have some wedding cake. Just another day in paradise.

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