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UUCTS Welcomes Rainbow Wellness Family Wellness Center

UUCTS is excited to announce the Rainbow Wellness Family Wellness Center now occupies the first floor of our building on 57 Read Street. This practice provides accessible and affirming mental health care for individuals and non-traditional families in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Florida UU Clergy speak up!

Our Unitarian Universalist faith has a long history of justice seeking in this country. Its influence can be found in our nation’s founding documents, in President Lincoln’s speeches, and in every civil rights movement in this nation. We as a people of faith are proud of this country’s aspiration to be that beacon city on a hill. It is what makes this country different from many other countries where freedom to be who we are is criminalized. It is the diversity of its people that makes the potential of this nation great.

From the Minister – May 2023

The spiritual theme for May is creativity, and I’ve been joking about the irony of that after having planned services for nine months already, the creativity well is getting a little dry over here! A colleague suggested leaning into what I do when creativity starts to feel low, and I have been trying to do this.

From the Minister – June 2023

The spiritual theme for June is delight, and I notice with this theme something I have noticed many times before since moving to Florida. It is harder to choose hymns here than it was in NE Ohio — some hymns refer to the turning of the seasons. Winter and Christmas hymns seem so odd in a place where there is no snow. Florida is so full of color year-round that its delight is in some ways less striking than it would be elsewhere.

From the Minister – April 2023

Where does resistance show up in your life? In your relationships? In your relationships and understanding of church? How do you honor resistance or know when it needs to be overcome? What purpose and meaning does resistance have for you in your daily living? We’ll be digging into these and other questions this month in worship. Join us!

From the Minister – March 2023

While many would say vulnerability is a state, I would say that it’s a practice and even a value. Vulnerability is about tenderness and letting one’s truest self be witnessed, even held, by another. This month’s theme touches on the concept of vulnerability.

Historic Marker Ceremony – March 26th

Join us on Sunday March 19th for the Historic Marker Dedication Ceremony at UU Tarpon.
11:45-1:00 Lunch & Mingle
1:00-1:30 Unveiling Ceremony on the lawn
1:30-2:30 Inness Paintings Tours

From the Minister – February 2023

February’s theme is what I have been thinking to myself is the very uninspired Love. But, as happens every month, as we get closer, I begin to play with ideas in my mind to make it more interesting. What if…? What about…?

From the Minister – January 2023

The spiritual theme for January is “Finding Our Center,” which we will be exploring in more depth together in worship on January 8, and which I’ve been reflecting on. That idea of balance is one part of our center that, as with a seesaw, isn’t necessarily perfectly sustainable, but to be discovered again and again in the striving. I look forward to exploring this theme with you this month, and to connecting with you again soon!

From the Minister – December 2022

The word of the month is “Wonder”. Changes in leadership for our Social Justice Council have led us to have a congregation- wide conversation about what social justice means to this congregation, and what it wants to do. The well-attended conversation on Nov 20 surfaced some main themes where there was an energy: supporting local initiatives, reducing the number of causes we engage with in order to form deeper relationships with the organizations, and being more involved with actions than previously (congregants don’t want to give monetary support). We’ll have another similar conversation in January to explore what there is the capacity for among volunteers and other questions.