Category: New Announcements

May 17th – Sam Robbins at UU

We have an awesome Listening Room Network folk artist, Sam Robbins, performing on May 17th! Sam Robbins is an internationally touring singer-songwriter, in the vein of classic writers like James Taylor and Jackson Browne, with an upbeat side.

May 5th – Pineapple Scruffs at UU

Family Friendly Lunch and Music at UU. Join us for The PIneapple Scruffs on May 5th from 12p – 3pm. Bring the kids – lunch included! Enjoy classic pop, folk, light jazz, and blues! 

From the Minister – April 2024

The spiritual theme we’ll be reflecting on for April is Interdependence. A proposed new value in our bylaws invites us into deeper relationships with each other, the world, and That Which is Greater than We are (the sacred) by reminding us not only of what’s important to us but also by asking us to keep our relationships central to our practices. This includes holding one another accountable as we all strive to live into our covenants.

From the Minister – March 2024

The spiritual theme for March is Transformation, and our worship services are working out to be engaging in the related ideas of listening, growing, and health, and how those connect with the practice of covenant.

From the Minister – February 2024

Our spiritual theme for the month of February is Justice and Equity, following with the other themes this year taken from the proposed Article 2 Values under consideration.

Jenna Nicholls Concert at UU – March 3!

Whether she’s belting out a New Orleans style dirge, plucking her 1920’s style original ballads on her Ukulele, or singing a cowboy tune, or a lush ballad on the piano, the music of Jenna Nicholls is giving a vintage genre a new spin with her own lush nostalgic style and melodic sensibility.

Hiroya Tsukamoto Concert at UU – March 22!

Eclectic, immersive and mesmerizing, beautifully raw, and cathartically emotional. World-renowned, self-made musician Hiroya Tsukamoto embodies the notion that music has no language. Compositions combine instrumental guitar with lyrical performance and spoken stories from his life.

From the Minister – January 2024

Moving into the new year lets reflect about celebrating our accomplishments and honoring our losses? What about letting go of what’s been holding us back and making space for what’s yet to come? What possibilities are we looking forward to? What commitment will you make to helping build a more just, more beautiful, more peaceful world?

House Concert at UU – Jan 19th!

Enjoy a two-act concert: The Rough & Tumble joined by Flagship Romance on January 19th!  This is a two-act night! Talented folk musicians “The Rough and Tumble” will be joined by another group called “Flagship Romance”. One duo will play the first half of the concert, then the second group, coming together at the end. Bring a snack to share during the Social Hour at 6pm, show starts at 7pm. Please follow this link to the Listening Room Network site to learn more about the event and the performers.

Christmas Eve Service

We are having only one service this year. Join us on Sunday Morning, December 24th at 10:30a – No Evening Service this Year