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Our church is concerned about extreme weather. In December, volunteers helped to develop an interfaith gathering for Homeless Persons Memorial Day. For January and February, we’ll work with local organizations to provide shelter for homeless persons on cold nights. The Tarpon Springs shelter will be … read more.


The annual Martin Luther King Parade for Tarpon Springs will take place on Saturday, January 19th, after the Martin Luther King breakfast. (See Ministers message for more info on the All Faiths Breakfast for MLK) The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs will have a … read more.


How can consumers improve personal health and community health? We can help the immigrants, the migrants, and others, who work in the food industry in Florida. We can serve meals to the hungry. We can provide information and encouragement where it’s needed. If you can … read more.


The Gulf Coast is responding to sea level rise and other environmental problems. The Southern Region for the Unitarian Universalist Association offers assistance to churches and communities that have been damaged by natural disasters. Financial donations are needed. Dawn Cooley has information: 804-554-4337 or … read more.


Shelter for homeless people will be provided on cold nights in Tarpon Springs. The shelter will be at the Boys and Girls Club. Volunteers are needed.  Ron Haddad has info at: 727-804-5787. This is the third year our church has provided volunteers for this winter program.

Rebuilding Progress

Looks like snow, but it’s foam insulation. Will help with energy bills and reduce outside neighborhood noise. Now ready for the dry wall! Stay tuned for future updates as we enter the finishing stages of renovations and repairs to our historic sanctuary building at the corner of Grand Blvd and Read Street in Tarpon Springs.

A Brighter Christmas

These precious preschoolers from Head Start thanked our church by singing to us. Not sure who had more fun – the kids or the grownups. They were thanking us for brightening their Christmas. They certainly brightened ours!