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New Year, New Minister

We are pleased to be starting the new year with our new minister, Rev. Kristina Spaude! Rev. Kristina relocated to the Tarpon Springs area in September and spent her first months on the job getting to know us, providing pastoral care, and helping to strengthen our programming. The introduction of monthly spiritual themes has helped … Continued

Deepening the Conversation

Rev. Kristina Spaude is introducing UUCTS to Covenant Groups. If you have a desire to connect with others for more intentional conversations related to spiritual themes, please check out this video by Rev. Kristina explaining what Covenant Groups are all about. (Link: We’ll be piloting the concept in September, then forming small groups to meet … Continued

Climate Change and the Countercultures

Rev. Robert Francis Murphy | Sample Sermon My comments about religion and climate change are very simple. First: If you want to know how the natural world works, talk with the scientists and the environmentalists. Study physics, and biology, and botany, and learn what you can learn from the Weather Channel. Ask questions at your … Continued


“The Whole Church, the Whole Time”
by Rev. Robert Francis Murphy


Only an act of God or Congress will stop our congregation.

We’ll return to our church on Grand Boulevard by the end of May and we’ll begin religious services.   If Congress objects, we’ll make our protest known … read more.

Easter and Beyond

by Rev. Robert Francis Murphy

I was told, “This is how Unitarian Universalists celebrate Easter.”

That was many years ago. The speaker had a particular formula in mind. An Easter egg hunt was acceptable, but a crucifix display was not allowed for Good Friday or any other … read more.


by Rev. Robert Francis Murphy
“The church is not a democracy.”

If you were raised as a Roman Catholic, you may remember these words. If you were raised in some of the other religious traditions, you may have heard a similar message. There are … read more.

“Celtic Spirituality”

by Rev. Robert Francis Murphy


It’s the middle of winter. A very important moment.

In the North, people struggle with snow and ice. In our region, we welcome snow birds and other guests. Our climate is different from the Northern climate, but winter always matters, so

it’s good to reflect on the … read more.


January means snow and ice for much of North America. Here in Florida there are lots of pleasant possibilities. The list for January includes the following events. Bring neighbors and friends. Our church is a community church that welcomes newcomers.

o NEW YEARS DAY: … read more.


THE WHOLE COMMUNITYby Rev. Robert Francis MurphyEvery day, there are new challenges to face.The opioid epidemic, human rights abuses, and the loss of government programs for public education, health care, and social services. October started with a mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas, and after that there were more problems. We’re concerned … Continued


Thanksgiving Day in Florida
By Rev. Robert Francis Murphy

We’ve seen miracles happen. Give it some thought. As September 11th approached, the Tarpon Springs area prepared for Hurricane Irma. Church members and friends expected a Category Five hurricane with sustained winds of 157 mph. … read more.