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From the Minister – September 2022

The spiritual theme for September is Belonging. In worship, we’ll be exploring what it means to belong to Unitarian Universalism and to each other. We’re starting off the month with a Question Box service — as a seeking people, we might say we also belong to questions and curiosity, humility and exploration.

From the Minister – August 2022

It is good to be back to work after having some time off. While it was a handful of weeks away from the congregation and I was able to have some vacation time, it was also work time elsewhere for our faith — for our national General Assembly gathering as one of the Chaplain Co-Leads, … Continued

From the Minister – July 2022

Today, June 30, is the anniversary of my ordination. I am remembering and reflecting on the wild adventures the last four years have taken me through, and giving great thanks to be here with you all now. I am remembering all those who supported me getting to that place, and since then. And I am … Continued

From the Minister – June 2022

Our spiritual theme for June is Play. I imagine that living in Florida for many of our retired members and friends that Play is something they feel more connected with than they may have earlier in their lives — although I know that life is not all play for anyone. It had been a long time … Continued

From the Minister – May 2022

They say April showers bring May flowers… And the longer I live in Florida, the more I realize how much such sayings are really irrelevant to this part of the country, as are so many of the hymns in our hymnals. May’s spiritual theme is “Nurturing Beauty.” We’ll be celebrating our annual Flower Ceremony on … Continued

From the Minister – April 2022!

Our spiritual theme for the month of April is Awakening. While this theme is certainly reflective of the holidays this month, including Easter and Passover, it also works beautifully for the ways the Earth is awakening further north.  There’s a question on a dating app that asks, “Would you rather good things happen, or interesting … Continued

From the Minister – March 2022!

Our spiritual theme for March is “Renewing Faith.” I keep thinking about all the ways this can be interpreted and am looking forward to what the month brings forth for us all.  This week Lent began. Although I was not raised in the Christian faith — I was raised unchurched in a quite secular home … Continued

From the Minister – February 2022!

The spiritual theme we’re reflecting on for February is “Widening the Circle.” In 2017, a gathering of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color leaders was convened to discuss concerns, disappointments, challenges, and laments about the UUA and whether it would be possible to make progress in the ways we say we dream about for … Continued

From the Minister – January 2022!

January is a funny month to me — it’s the beginning of the calendar year, a time of new beginnings, resolution or intention-setting, and the end of the Christmas season on January 6. At the same time, it’s well into the church program year, school year, or any other time in our lives. January is … Continued

From the Minister – December

December has always felt like a lot of month to me — there are a bunch of holidays, and when I was growing up, it seemed like my mom always had Christmas music. We decorated the house big time with all sorts of decorations. There were all kinds of events to participate in and experience, … Continued