Are You NEW to UUCTS?

As our guest at UUCTS, you are welcome to attend services and ALL activities. Become a UUCTS FRIEND with on-going committee participation and/or a financial pledge.

We are a Welcoming Community with open hearts. Our members, friends and visitors make each week more joyful. Hospitality, worship, music, art, outreach and social activities grow friendships and build community. What’s your vision? What are your interests? Stay for “coffee” or a Forum discussion after the service. Let’s get acquainted!

Be as engaged as you choose. Get electronic newsletters. Visit the website. Check the calendar for your areas of interest. Consider what it means to be a member!

Membership is belonging to a community: if only for a season or all year round! Membership is your opportunity to participate fully in our shared community decision-making and to help create our future! Only members hold offices and vote in congregational affairs. Our governing Board of Trustees is elected and church processes are democratic. We believe in human action and transformation. Come grow with us.

Becoming a member is easy:

  • Stay for a 5th Sunday Exploring UU-ism Forum: next one is March 31, 2019,
  • Or attend an evening Pathway meeting, provide a pledge of financial support according to your ability and heart, and sign our Membership book. You will be recognized and appreciated.

Talk with Rev. Bob Murphy after service or during his office hours (contact info in this QUILL & at
Contact Barbara Kostreva, at 864-650-5638, or
I’m available most Sundays at the Welcome Table, too. Let’s talk!

– Barbara Kostreva, Membership Chairperson