Reverend Don Rollins

What a gift to be with you at last, launching our new ministry, getting to know you and exploring this wonderful corner of the world. For those who haven’t had a chance to look at my background, let me give you the short version. I was born in Ohio, have degrees in education, religious education and substance abuse counseling. I was ordained in 1987 and have spent the bulk of my career in interim and short-term ministries, having come to Tarpon Springs after a year with the UU Church of Eugene, OR.

I bicycle, play a few musical instruments and am a serious baseball fan. I believe in laughter, music and the spiritual quest. And best of all, I’m partner to Mary, my buddy.

I look forward to getting to know you, too. This is the first of what will surely be many opportunities to correspond with you in these pages. As I thought about a working title, I kept coming back to the word connections.
Because if I’m in your shoes – changing ministers, wondering what the new guy’s about – I’d want to know if my new preacher can help me do four things:
Connect with my better self;
Connect with my better self;
Connect with my local congregation;
Connect with my world.
We of course will be dialogue about what all this means. And I frankly can’t wait to join you in the creative task of giving real and practical shape to such lofty aims. But for now, be thinking about what it means to make connections within, among and beyond.  Glad to be with you,


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