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Art is part of our mission statement and many of us feel deeply about the arts. For all of you who work or dabble with art we invite you to make and submit a work of art you create to welcome visitors to UUCTS. We will be making folders with a window in the front - it is a perfect spot for your original art or picture. The ART should be original and about 4" x 5" to fit the window in the folder. We especially want Children's drawings for families with kids. The theme is our Beloved Community or any UU idea in visual form. Send your questions and submissions to Barbara Rosen at rosencool@gmail.com. This will be an ongoing art project to which everyone can contribute. Be bold and share your artistic vision with us. Remember the Peace Flag Project? We learned that everyone has talent – Please Share Yours.


On Thursday, May 21st we will have our last book discussion for this season and will meet, as usual, in the Tarpon Springs Library at 1:30pm. The book we will discuss at that time is A Treacherous Paradise by Henning Mankell. He is a Swedish author known mostly for his excellent mysteries (Wallander, TVseries), but this book is set in early 1900s where a poverty-stricken woman leaves her family to "seek her in Australia. Things don't as planned, however, and she finds herself in Africa and in strange situations...Read the book and find out what happened to her. (Maybe she should have gone to the USA!?) - Barbro Wilson & Laverne Pearson, Co-chairs


The next Lunch Bunch will be held at Ballyhoo Grill, Thursday May 14 th at 12:30 pm. The restaurant is located at 900 N. Pinellas Ave, Tarpon Springs at the intersection of Pinellas Ave (Alt. 19) and Dodecanese Blvd just south of the Anclote River and near the Sponge Docks. They have a large variety of lunch items including Conch Soup, Flatbread Pizzas, a variety of sandwiches, salads, tacos and fresh shrimp Po Boy’s. There is ample free parking. Non-members are always welcome, too. A sign-up sheet is located on the Congregational Life Table, or you can e-mail dwilson81@tampabay.rr.com, or phone Barbro or Don Wilson at 938-9427.


Have you noticed our new Community Life Table? Make sure you stop by the table before or after services on Sunday’s. A board member and committee people will be available for any questions you may have. You will also be able to sign up for lunch bunch and other events.


UUCTS continues to support our partner The Shepherd Center. Thank you to all of you that have volunteered, brought canned goods or household items to church, or donated money in the collection box.   Volunteers are of critical need at the center. Even if you only have an hour or two to volunteer, your help will be greatly appreciated. Please think of the Shepherd Center when you grocery shop. That extra item in the buy one, get one free offer at a local supermarket could help a person with food insecurity. Gently used clothing, linens or household goods can be sold at the Center's thrift store. Buying from the thrift store helps too. Sales at the thrift store support critically needed programs offered by the Center.  If you have any questions about The Shepherd Center please talk to Mark Hopkins, Cathy Lawson or Irene Prosser from the Social Justice Council.


Caring Team is a network of volunteers that exists to lend a helping hand to the members and friends of Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs in times of illness, medical emergency, birth, bereavement, or other life transitions in close coordination with the minister. Our goal is to develop and maintain a mechanism to get parish members involved in providing assistance; and attention and help to members who would appreciate these services.

You can SHARE THE CARE by (1) joining the team, (2) letting us know of specific tasks that you are able to fulfill (3) letting us know of someone who needs care.

Mark Turley - marktheword68@gmail.com, Penny Boyd - pboyd305@hotmail.com,
Alice Donovan - androsnurse@gmail.com, Sally O’Brien - Danpad7@hotmail.com
Linda Gradual - uuzen@tampabay.rr.com, Linda Routhier – sarouthier@gmail.com
Church office - tarponuu@hotmail.com Minister - donaldlrollins@gmail.com

Add your name to our lists of volunteers; you may sign up for Meals, Transportation, Elder Visits, or
Miscellaneous Jobs.


UUnique Quilters Donate More than 100 Quilts this Year!
Being dislocated for months has not slowed the production of charity quilts by our devoted quilters. When Michael Herrera, Executive Director of the Shepherd Center, came to church recently to talk about the work of this Tarpon Springs social agency, he was presented with a second donation of 20 quilts this year, along with cash and canned goods from the congregation. Being at the Crystal Beach Community Center most Tuesdays has increased the quilter’s visibility and outreach opportunities in the community. That’s a good thing.


The UUCTS Board of Trustees would like to recognize Cathy Lawson as our Notable Member for April 2015. She has been of a member of this congregation for six years, and is the devoted mother of Katrina. Cathy embodies the Slogan of our Social Justice Council which is "Deeds, Not Creeds." She displays remarkable resilience in the face of obstacles, always finding creative ways to get things done to help others. Thanks to her initiative our church has impacted lives and strengthened our community. She launched the Laundry Project, led volunteers that provide meal services at Metropolitan Ministries, serves on the Board of Directors at The Shepherd Center and continues to be a sustaining force with all our community partners. Her resourcefulness and positive attitude inspires anyone lucky enough to work alongside her. We all admire the way she views the world and the people in it.
- Barbara Rosen


The Social Justice Council is energized by the support of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs (UUCTS) congregation in expanding our Social Justice efforts into the community! Linda Gradual is now teaching a weekly English as a Second Language class at the Tarpon Springs Library. Kathy Hopkins participated as a Mentor in the Shepherd Center's Esther Project. Members purchased tickets to the Citizen's Alliance for Progress (CAP) dinner, enabling UUCTS to sponsor a table. Volunteers serve monthly meals at the Metropolitan Ministries site in Holiday and work on Second Saturday and other days at the Shepherd Center thrift store and food pantry. Members donate food, clothing and other items to the Shepherd Center. Our congregation raised $197 for Peace4Tarpon through our monthly Give The Plate program, enabling them to provide Art Therapy to women and children who are victims of abuse Social Justice Volunteers Needed The Shepherd Center desperately needs volunteers! Can you sort and organize, do administrative tasks, work on fundraisers and/or work in the thrift shop? There is something for everyone to do! Contact Cathy Lawson or Irene Prosser for more information.

Help Stop Global Climate Change Can one person help stop Global Climate Change? Yes, when the simple steps you take are multiplied by millions of people all over the world. This month, be water-wise. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth. Saving water saves energy, which in turn reduces the greenhouse gas emissions. Simply by turning the water off while brushing your teeth, you can help stop Global Climate Change.

A Social Justice Volunteer's Story: Shepherd Center launches new Esther Program to help underprivileged women become more self-sufficient – submitted by Kathy Hopkins, 904-891-5109, kathyhop@tampabay.rr.com Last spring when the director of the Shepherd Center came to one of our UUCTS Social Justice forums, I was intrigued by their new Esther program and signed up to become a mentor. Now, almost half way through my 12-month commitment, I’m glad to share the experience with you. I’m finding that getting to truly know and understand a person’s struggles is much more meaningful than writing a check or handing out bags of groceries. I’ve gained a lot of respect for the strength and resilience of the young woman I’m mentoring. It puts me in touch with a way of life I’ve been sheltered from and reminds me of what truly matters. Sometimes I wonder if I’m helping, but then I realize that serving as a sounding board and offering support is valuable all by itself. In addition to the onw-on-one mentoring, the group of mentors and protégés get together 3 times a month for life-skill classes and social activities. Through sharing experiences and learning together, the group has bonded in a very special way even though we come from very different walks of life. The inaugural Esther program has been deemed a success and will be expanding. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, teaching a class or helping in some other way please let me know. You are also very welcome to reach out to the program coordinator, Melanie N. Paine, Tarpon Springs Shepherd Center Outreach Office: (727) 939-1400 ext. 409, mpaine@tscenter.org.


It is our practice to set aside some time during many of our services to share our joys and concerns. This tradition is an integral part of UU worship services across the country. It is a time for members and friends to share the significant events in our lives: births and deaths, reunions and farewells, love and grief. All are welcome to share their joys and concerns, and place a stone in our bowl of remembrance. When you participate in this, you are doing more than making an announcement. You are asking each person in the congregation for their spiritual and emotional support. Please be mindful of this sacred time, and use it gently. Thank you. The Worship Committee


 This is your opportunity to network with other local organizations. TCO supports non-profit organizations and meets the third Friday of every month at 8:30 AM at the Freedom Inn, 1651 S Pinellas Ave. The next meeting is Friday, July 18th. The Freedom Inn provides breakfast and admission is only $1, so mark your calendars now. Spread the word and help this organization grow.


Want a Fancier Name Badge Holder?
Got an ordinary name badge, and long for something that expresses your individuality? No longer want pin holes in your blouse or shirt? See Marti Cardinal or Barbara Rosen for your choice of holders for $2 or give us your beads, perhaps from a broken necklace, and we will custom make a badge holder for you. The Membership Committee.


It is hard to go unnoticed in a crowd when we are all wearing our goldenrod-colored church tee shirts. And, isn’t that the point? Michael Johnson will be collecting your money, $15 for small, medium or large sizes, and $20 for X large shirts. Don’t be left unnoticed – buy and wear your church shirt. There is a sign-up sheet in the Social Hall if you don’t see Michael.


The Book Discussion Group has been meeting at the Tarpon Springs Library since the sinkhole. They do not charge a fee. As a way of saying “Thank You” consider bringing in old CD's, DVD's, VHS tapes and books to the library as donations for their semi-annual book sale or library circulation. If the library cannot add them to their collection, they place them in the Friends of the Library used book sale area. You may even find some items to replace those you donated!  So, if you have any of the above, collecting dust in your home, please consider donating them for this purpose. You can give them to Irene Prosser or just bring them to the library and say that it's from our church.


There are DVDs in the Inman Room on the bottom shelf of the bookcase on the east wall. A sign-out/sign-in sheet is located in the same container as the DVDs. Because these are high definition format videos they may not play directly on your DVD player unless it is of reasonably recent vintage. The DVDs also should readily play on your computer. If you have trouble with viewing the DVD please let Greg Rosasco know and he will look for an alternative for you.

The list of available DVDs includes:

1. Ethel Fritts, January 2012 Wisdom-keeper
2. Bill Gladwin, February 2012, Wisdom-keeper
3. Sally O’Brien, March 2012, Wisdom-keeper
4. Ed Erickson, April 2012, Wisdom-keeper
5. Janeth Clark, May 2012, Wisdom-keeper


View a video from the series titled “Renewal:  Stories from America’s Religious-Environmental Movement” (segments are 10-17 minutes)www.renewalproject.net


View a half-hour video from a series organized around a new alphabet of 26 qualities of mind and heart important for practicing spirituality in everyday life. http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/spiritualliteracy/


Nothing Gold Can Stay By Mark Belletini  In twenty-two simple yet profound reflections, seasoned minister Mark Belletini explores the many and varied forms of grief. His honest, poetic essays serve as a prism, revealing the distinct colors and manifestations of grief in our lives.

He addresses the way we respond to loss of people in our lives, loss of love, loss of focus, and loss of the familiar - understanding that grief is as much a part of our lives as our breathing. Belletini uses specific, personal stories to open up to the universal experience. Nothing Gold Can Stay is a gift of awareness, showing how the shades of grief serve our deepest needs. Copies available at UUA Bookstore


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