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The Supreme Court has ruled (June 26) that same-gender marriage can't be banned by the states. Rev. Bob Murphy, our new minister, celebrated the decision at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly at the end of June. "This is a great victory for religious freedom," said Rev. Murphy. "Unitarian Universalist congregations have supported same-gender marriages for several decades. We now have the freedom to continue our support for same-gender couples without fear of political obstacles or legal discrimination." During the 1990s, Rev. Murphy officiated at sixteen same-gender weddings in North Carolina. 


UUCTS continues to support The Shepherd Center through donations of canned food and used clothing or household items. Please deposit donations in the basket or bin marked Shepherd Center or consider putting a dollar in the box. Monies are used to buy canned goods for The Shepherd Center food pantry.


The Shepherd Center desperately needs volunteers.  If you can sort clothes, items or food, work as a clerk in the store, provide administration help or transportation, they need you!  Contact Cathy Lawson or Irene Prosser for more information.


Rev. Robert Murphy has accepted our offer to become our new minister.   Rev. Murphy will complete his tenure as minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Falmouth,  Mass. over the next 90 days. After he says goodbye to Cape Cod, Bob and his wife Lyn will make their move to our community. We’ll welcome him to our church sometime in September.

We want to thank everyone who made Rev. Murphy’s visit this past weekend a huge success. Together with Rev. Murphy we look forward to a bright new era for UUCTS.
− Robin George Yates, President, UUCTS Board of Trustees


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  • Tuesdays - 10am-3pm Quilting (Church on the Bayou, 409 Whitcomb Blvd., TS)
  • Wednesdays - 10am-12pm News-n-Views (Church on the Bayou) (CotB); 7pm-8:30pm Meditation – (Church on the Bayou – sanctuary)
  • Tuesday – Sept. 8, 10:30am-12:30pm Social Justice Council Meeting (Library, CotB)
  • Tuesday – Sept. 8, 2pm Board of Trustees Meeting (USAmeribank, TS)
  • Wednesday – Sept. 9, 3 - 4:30pm Worship Committee Meeting (USAmeribank, TS)
  • Thursday – Sept. 10,12:30pm Lunch Bunch (El Texano, 35903 US-19 Palm Harbor East side of US19 just south of Innisbrook.)
  • Saturday – Sept. 12, 10am - 1pm Shepherd Center Second Saturday
  • Sunday – Sept. 13, 12noon UUCTS Town Hall Meeting - Second Sunday Discussion
  • Tuesday – Sept. 15, 4-7pm Joint CotB & UUCTS Meal Service at Metropolitan Ministries in Pasco
  • Sunday – Sept. 20, 12noon Discussion on A SOLUTION FOR HOMELESSNESS??
  • Thursday – Sept. 24, 7pm Choir Practice at Bonnie Whitehurst’s house
Until further notice, our temporary home for Sunday services and after service activities will be the Community Center at 400 South Walton Avenue here in Tarpon Springs.
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We are sorry the church is closed for sinkhole repair. The paintings are not available for viewing since the exhibit at LRMA is over, but they will return to a beautiful new home when sinkhole remediation AND rehabilitation of the historic sanctuary is complete. Thank you for checking back regularly.”

August 30 - "Let's Talk About Race"
September 6 "I'll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book"
September 13 “Happiness Is…”
September 20 “Follow Your Scars”
September 27 “Singing the Living Tradition: Exploring our Gray Hymnal”
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Our mission statement includes the idea of promoting the arts. We have completed a series of presentations on literature, and now, during the next two months, we will be exploring music. Our beloved Music Director, Bonnie Whitehurst, returns to make the transition.
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